ROKU® has been a stern competitor to Apple TV, it offers so much content through convenient routes to your TV for so much less, you only see reasons to stick with it. Truth be told, there are many out there like you and the media giants have fallen full swing into the ROKU® fad.

But what really made ROKU® become such a darling with numerous households is not just the inexpensive price tag on the devices that bring the ROKU® experience to your TV, it’s the literally overwhelming stack of content that it offers. Yeah, with over 600 content packages or “channels” as ROKU® would like to describe them, you are never at a loss for your favorite show, movie, sports action, music content. Oh, and fun games Angry Birds are part of the package.

But as robust as these offerings, citing Hulu Plus, Netflix, HBO Go, Pandora, Disney, Fox; ROKU® offers so much more. These are called Private Channels. They are essentially content packages that are not found in the ROKU® channels store. They are golden and make ROKU® all the more desirable: some of these channels can link you to your favorite services like “Google Music” or Youtube so you could stream videos.

The only downside to these extras is that they are sprawled across the web each having a unique code that would be manually entered through the ROKU® personal account page before the packaged content is available to you. Now that sounds like a hectic task and it is.

That was until the app, Private Channel Guide for Roku, popped up with a solution. No one deserves to schlepp across the internet sourcing out private channels and their codes to be manually entered through some web interface before they can get exclusive content on their TV. To this the developers agree, and offer to do that daunting task for you for a moderate one-time fee. No longer do you need to have a list of codes, regularly search for which private channel is right for you, find the right ROKU® private channel guide, or use your remote for the time-consuming task of adding private channels.


The “Private Channel Guide for Roku” app is a very useful app stripped of all complexity and clutter to deliver a superb service. The app offers a DAILY UPDATED list of Private Channels and Public Channels (channels offered in the ROKU® Channel store), as well as a “combined list” of all the Private and Public Channels. This is as convenient as it gets and depicts a thoroughly streamlined solution that notes and values the worth of your time.

Further upholding this legacy of being easy to use and doing all the hard work for you, clicking any of the channel list brings out a refreshed list of categories—now that is interesting. The categories are adept without overlap. This app catalogs hundreds of channels with each category unwrapping an updated list when clicked.

Channels in each category are listed with accurate channel names, visible artworks, and precise descriptions. A conspicuous “Add Channel” button is found below a channel description and takes one to the ROKU® web interface where the channel can be added to a ROKU® personal account. It’s almost as if the ROKU® private channel codes are obsolete.

Channels added are usually available for viewing on TV once content linked to a personal account on the ROKU® device interface is refreshed. In addition, channels available through the app can be easily searched, making this app’s functionality as a ROKU® private channel guide top-notched.


The app’s interface is what it should be, user-friendly and a beacon of simplicity. It feels cozy on your phone screen and buttons are not splattered all over the screen. Once you’re in, there are 5 vertical buttons in two groups below an image of a ROKU® device. From then on, navigating through the app is seamless and gives you an itinerant feeling of being in charge.

Apart from the Combined list, Private Channel and Public Channel lists, there is an “how to use” clickable button to show you how to use the app, and a much needed “support” button to ferry any questions you have for prompt answering.

The app is a lightweight as a result, and is neither a hog of your mobile phone’s memory space, processing power nor network bandwidth. This app provides solutions without creating more problems along the line.

Features and Pricing

Private Channel Guide for Roku is a solution that makes sense as a mobile app. It offers a range of features pertinent to describing technology for what it should be—an avenue to making life easier and more fun.
Features include:

  • 600+ public channels that are well categorized and can be added to your ROKU® account from your mobile phone.
  • 200+ daily updated private channels not offered in the ROKU® channel store, with succinct details, cataloged for easy navigation, easily searchable and can be placed effortlessly in your ROKU® account—accessible through a variety of ROKU® devices.
  • Extricate the need to individually search for ROKU® private channels and their channel codes for painstaking input to your ROKU® account.
  • Search bar for tranquil channel surfing.
  • Combined list of ROKU® Public and Private Channels that are well categorized.
  • App availability on mobile devices running iOS (iPhones, iPads) and the Android operating system.
  • Available in English, Spanish and other languages.

All these features and more go for only 99 cents, which is a bargain. And just in case you want a recap of why this app is worth your money? Remember that Private Channel Guide for Roku scours the web (through hundreds of websites) for new private channels daily, including detailed descriptions and information when made available by channel developers; archive ALL of the private channels; sieve through all of the information and delivers only information tailored to your needs in an efficiently categorized and detailed manner. Splash on that the convenience of adding channels from your mobile device to your ROKU® account, wherever you may be, without an ounce need for a channel code. And all of this being offered as a continuous service for a one-time payment of 99 cents. You have to agree, your time is at least worth 99 cents.


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  • Features
  • 200+ Channels not offered in the ROKU® Channel Store
  • Categories for easy Navigation
  • Search bar for quick Channel surfing
  • Channel Icons
  • Channel Descriptions
  • Ability to add Channels from within the Application
  • Daily updates
  • Full Support for any Questions

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