Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Roku – Private Channel Guide affiliated with Roku, Inc.?

No. There is no affiliation, sponsorship, or endorsement by Roku, Inc. and none is implied or should be believed.

What is ROKU – Private Channel Guide?

This application is designed to allow its users to easily add channels to their ROKU® streaming player by having the most up-to-date list of Private and Public Channels. It allows them to view the channel details, search for specific channels, and add them to their device within the application. Its extensive Private Channel line-up gives users hundreds of more channels than can be found in the ROKU® Channel Store.

What is a Private Channel?

To add a Channel within the application, simply locate the desired Channel and click the plus sign “+” on the right side of the screen. Once you have pressed the button it will bring you into your ROKU® account. You must log into the ROKU® account affiliated with the ROKU® device you would like to see the channel appear on. Once logged in simply click “Yes, Add Channel”. It should add the channel to your ROKU® device within the next few minutes.

If you would like to instantly have the channel update go to the settings tab on the left side of the ROKU® menu. From there click “System Update”. This will update any new channels you have selected.

Why do I have to use the browser window to load channels?

To add channels, you must go through www.roku.com. There is no way around this. Our application makes it very easy and does most of the work for you. Once you log in the first time, adding channels is a very simple two-step process.

Does the application store my log-in credentials with www.roku.com?

Absolutely not. The browser you use to log-in and add channels is a direct connection with the ROKU® website. We do not store or utilize (at any capacity) the information you use within that direct connection

Why does the browser window display “We are sorry, but the browser you are using is not supported on Roku.com. Please use a different browser. Thanks!”?

Normally you are not able to add channels via a mobile browser, but this does not affect the functionality of our application. Simply log into your account and add channels as normal. This notification does not impact the functionality of the application and you can still add as many channels as you should like.

Can I watch videos on the actual device running this application?

This application is only for adding channels to the ROKU® streaming player. It does not play video content on the device. It is for the sole purpose of extending the channels loaded onto the ROKU® streaming player.

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  • Features
  • 200+ Channels not offered in the ROKU® Channel Store
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  • Ability to add Channels from within the Application
  • Daily updates
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